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Rugged Shores

The wanderer in me is consumed by the thoughts of the rolling hills of Batanes, the mytery of Siquijor, and the tranquility of Sagada for months now. Add to that the sheer hunger to climb another mountain, and I’m as restless as can be.

My itchy feet are always aiming to get someplace far, my mind always calculating the days, distance, and imagining the journey as much as the destination. My heart is always elsewhere, it’s a difficult love affair. To contain the excitement at the mere idea of being away from my everyday routine is never easy. I am always on the lookout for an encounter with the natural world, to see places, to experience whatever the destination has to offer.

Last week, I went home to the province and got a little dose of my wanderlust. Amazingly, there are beautiful and brag worthy places from where I’m from. It’s a shame my knowledge to these wonders are so limited I might as well be a tourist rather than a local.

A few of them are the two unassuming beaches near home that my family have frequented when I was growing up. We often take for granted what is familiar, and I am glad i was able to see these places on a different perspective. It seems, when you are hungry to see the world, anywhere is beautiful.

Our country is blessed with beautiful beaches, one of them is Mangcamagong beach in Basud, Camarines Norte. Its rugged and untamed beauty is typical to fishing villages in the countryside. It may not be as pristine as Boracay or any other tourist flocked beach resorts but the calm and quiet this place has to offer is something else. The blue sea is abundant with fish and shellfish you can buy fresh when the fishing boats docked at the port. Sitting by the shore, you will see islands dotting the horizon. Looking around you will see mountains trying to hide behind the soft white clouds. Most of the time, you have the whole stretch of the beach all to yourself. You can walk at either direction and you will find yourself treated to nature’s awesome greatness. You can take a dip at the salty waters and think of how lucky you are to be having some quiet time.

During low tide, you can walk to the rocky part of the beach.

There are no developed resorts here, but there are some nearby that you can reach by foot along the shore during low tide.

This huge piece of rock has endured the salty waves evident in the natural carvings on its surface. Underneath is a small opening similar to that of a tiny cave.

Unfortunately, even this place has been violated by vandalism. Some people just want to leave their marks in the worst way possible.

I know there are resorts out there that people would easily choose over this, but this is still a very nice place to have your family with over a picnic, or just a simple stroll. You won’t have to shell out your money for entrance fees, nature is all yours to enjoy for free.

If you are like me who craves so much for the outdoors, try looking for the nearest one in your locality. You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of sights to see just within a few minutes drive, or walk. Appreciate what’s available around you, be proud of it, nurture it. Someplace else, someone is only dreaming of what you’re seeing, and where you are standing.

Cheers to a good life,



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