Wanderdate | Go carts and Sunset

I love going places. And I count myself lucky because I have a partner who is very willing to wander with me anywhere! Last month, we planned on going to Angono to visit the Petroglyphs. It’s an outdoor museum showcasing ancient carvings on stones. So one Saturday, we head off to another milestone of our wanderdates. At Starmall Edsa, we rode an FX going to Angono. In less than an hour, we reached the Angono municipal hall. It was my first time in any part of Rizal so we thought of finding a local delicacy for lunch. Unfortunately, we were already so hungry, that we decided to eat at the nearest cafe, Don Antonio’s. We ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu which Rosch loved so much!

Our humble lunch.
Red iced tea served in cute mason jars Cheers!

After our filling lunch, we head off to the tricycle terminal and asked if they can take us to the Petroglyphs. At first, no one seemed to know about the place! I mentioned that it’s just ahead the Thunderbirds resort on the map, and they said no PUVs go that route and it can be so expensive to rent a tricycle. Shocked, we decided to ask the municipal tourist office for a possible route we can take to get to the museum. Unfortunately, there’s really no one to take us there. Disappointed and laughing at ourselves for the failed plan, we went to the nearest 7Eleven store to treat ourselves with sundae cones. We browsed for possible places we can still go given the limited time so our day won’t be wasted. Angono is hailed as the arts capital of the Philippines, so we googled the house of Carlos Botong Francisco and walked in search for it. We found the street adorned with replicas of his works but failed to locate the museum itself. The trip was proving to be a complete disaster! Clueless of where to go next, we spent several minutes inside the church we found while getting lost. There was a wedding being held, Rosch, being a photographer, wanted to stay until the picture taking to see how good it will be (haha).

Angono Church.

After crashing the wedding, we rode a tricycle and asked the driver to take us to the lake side park. We have no idea where it was, or how far it was (we just found it on google!) so Rosch told me to act as as if we know what we’re saying to avoid the possibility of being overcharged! Thankfully, in under 10 minutes, we reached the park.

We were trying to get a groupie with the mermaids. Another fail to mark the day! :))
The lake and the City at the horizon.

The contrast was amazing. Just a few minutes from the busy Manila is this peaceful getaway. We wanted to wait for the sunset so we rented a go cart and ate fish balls to pass the time.

My first!
This guy was enjoying the ride so much he was trying to engage me into a race! haha!

After 30 minutes of pedaling and going in circles, we grabbed a snack (Kikiam, fishballs, icecramble, and coke) and sit for a while waiting for the sunset. We were treated with an unexpected bird show. The birds were flying too close, diving for fish.  

As time passed by, more and more people (mostly couples) were arriving. And when the sun finally go down in all its golden glory, I knew why.

Sunset love. (c) Roschman Tomes
Rosch took a video of the sunset,

How can you not love LOVE? Okay, I’m being carried away… Seriously, though, it was one beautiful sunset! And I’m just so happy I got to spend it with him. Dates need not be extravagant. What counts are the moments that you are actually enjoying each other’s company, making new memories, discovering places. More often than not, we are happiest when we have less. That way, we get to think of alternatives, and it almost always leads to a more fulfilling and fun day. In the end, you will realize that what’s important is the hand holding yours and the eyes looking at you, wherever you two may be. Happy Valentines! Cheers to a beautiful life, Zai.


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