The Rolling Hills| Mt Gulugod Baboy Adventure

Mountains are pretty much like people, they also have different characteristics.

After climbing the dense forested mountain that is Pico de Loro, my group decided to visit this pretty famous mountain-by-the -sea in Anilao, Batangas. Mt Gulugod Baboy (Pig Spine) is a mound composed of rolling hills, I imagine is reminiscent of Batanes. That day, the world was green, and blue, and wet.

Early in the morning, we boarded a Jam liner bus bound to Anilao. We then hired a jeepney to take us to the jump off at the Philpan Dive Resort. We talked to the driver, who was very nice, and he agreed to pick us up around 5PM later that day.

The GB Team en route to Philpan Dive Resort.

It was nearly an hour ride, but as usual, I never got to doze off because I was so busy looking out the window.

We passed by this procession. It’s fiesta time!

Halfway through, we can already see the ocean!

Upon arrival at the jump off, there is registration of 20 pesos and we listed all our names. Since none of us is familiar with the place, we decided to hire a guide.

Then, the adventure began!

We started the long walk, stopping every now and then to catch our breaths and take pictures, of course.

Pausing for the very needed group shot. 😀

The uphill road was really challenging, but the view at every turn makes up for the heaving and huffing. It’s amazing how we seem to re-charged by the prospect of seeing what it’s like up there!

We’re heading the right way!

The sun was really hot. There are a few trees along the way, but as we were nearing the summit, it was becoming more and more exposed. But we pushed ourselves to go on. We knew the reward will be sweet at the top.

“Window”. The place is really photogenic!

The moment we saw this hut, we knew we’re almost there. It was adorned with  tarpaulins of groups that have been there.

Of all the three mountains before this, we always felt welcomed. This climb was different though. It’s funny now, but the fear was real when these cows refused to let us pass!

This is taken after we took a different route just to avoid them! They look so unhappy and cheated. haha!

Our guide was convincing us that it’s safe, and we need not worry. But the cows looked so mean! I was walking near them and one of it acted as if it was ready to pounce. So I ran downhill in panic. It was really embarrassing!

Thankfully, we survived the cows and proceeded. A rush of adrenaline and fascination took over as my eyes surveyed the “Teletubby Land”. Rolling hills, green pastures, blue sky. It was perfection!

We found this ‘lonely tree’ the blogs were talking about.
On the way to the summit, the sky turned really dark and the clouds took over the blue sky.
It was drizzling now, we don’t have anywhere to run for cover so we just continued.

By the time we reached the summit, the rain clouds hovered above us and poured down. The wind was strong and I was worried about lightnings. Thankfully, there was none. The cold gust of wind and heavy rain was unexpected, but we made the most out of it. We sang and stuck our tongues out. It was our first mountain rain!

After a few minutes, the clouds have cleared to reveal this beauty.

That tiny little island right there is the Sombrero Island. The hat shaped island is a famous side trip for those who climb GB. Anilao is famous for its diving spots so I’m pretty sure there’s a lot to this tiny island than its white sands. We never get to go there because 1. Time Restrictions 2. Budget restrictions. 3. Energy restrictions… we were so tired already!
This shot sums up how exciting was the GB adventure for me. Barefoot on top of the mountain after the rain.
It was still windy when we started picture taking. Excuse the hair everywhere.

After filling our eyes with the view, we decided to head down early so we could visit by the seaside.

Happy Soaked bunch.
And we made it! Here’s some wave from the happy 5!

A few steps down from the registration site, we found this resort where we cleaned up and changed our soaked clothes. Some of us decided to take a dip.

Shores of Mabini.

It was a very fulfilling hike. Not only did we get to reach another summit, we also get to experience rain on top! I know it’s a bit shallow, but hey, little joys makes life a lot more fun!

Though we know our muscles will punish us after each adventure, we still go. Why? Well, because we owe ourselves a treat. And this country has a lot of that! And nothing makes me feel so amazing than the thought of having to experience each and every one of them.

Cheers to a beautiful life,



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